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Chrissie Mayr Podcast

May 20, 2022

SimpCast is back with Isabella Riley, Missy B, Xia Anderson, Nina Infinity, Brittany Venti and Anna That Star Wars Girl.



May 19, 2022

Royce White is a former first round NBA draft pick and is running for Congress against Ilhan Omar in Minnesota. White is an author. He has published 4 books and 8 open letters through his sub-stack. He has been a contributor to multiple publications, such as Sports Illustrated and The Cauldron. He has become a regular...

May 18, 2022

Chrissie Mayr is joined by Miriam and Amy Jo from The Chicks On The Right. We discussed Governor DeSantis, disappointment in Republican leadership, their political journey, the trans kids craze sweeping the nation and if it's effecting their own children, hardest part about being a mother, fighting back...

May 17, 2022

Chrissie Mayr Podcast with Josiah Rises, YouTuber/Twitcher/Filmmaker/Geeks + Gamers. Josiah's channel is dedicated to commentary on the culture with a strong emphasis on the mockery of woke Hollywood. He is the Founder of the zany EpicVerse Podcast and EpicVerse Studios. We discuss his YouTube inspriations, the fall of...

May 16, 2022

Chrissie Mayr Podcast with YellowFlash! Andy Dick, DC's The Flash, Ezra Miller, ARRESTED!!! Police body cam footage!!! Sony CEO abortion comments, China Covers Up Anime Boobs