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Chrissie Mayr Podcast

May 30, 2020

Comedian and Host of Let's Get Loud on Compound Media joins me to discuss his time in quarantine, why he's excited to get back on stage, and other topics!

May 28, 2020

Kerryn Feehan is a writer and comic who I have known for almost a decade! We discuss Kerryn's quarantine fitness regimen, her OnlyFans leak, the future of the comedy industry, her new cooking show and more!

May 26, 2020

Kurt Metzger is an Emmy award winning writer and stand up comedian. Join us as we discuss the end of cancel culture, the #MeToo movement, joke stealing, Amy Schumer, Nicole Arbour, Kate Willett and more!

May 23, 2020

Jeffrey is a comedian, author and possibly the nicest, most well-connected guy in the NYC comedy scene. Jeffrey recounts his agonizing battle with Covid double pneumonia this past March. He discusses how the principles he wrote about in his new book, "Healing Your Heart By Changing Your Mind" actually helped him...

May 21, 2020

This episode features the 2018 Gubernatorial candidate for the Libertarian party in New York. We talk about Cuomo's mismanagement of the Coronavirus in NY State and how it could have been handled better.